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Turbocharger Design

The construction and development of turbochargers has been one of the company's main focus areas where we have many years experience in running complete projects (from protype to product) in the field of application design.​

Interior and Body
In White Design

Another very strong point in our portfolio of services is our expirience in the Design of Interiors (I-Panel and center console) and Body In White for the automotive industry made in Class A Surfaces in Catia 5 and our detailed knowledge of the techniques and technologies in the design of plastic (injection molding) and Sheet Metal components.​

Design of pressure
and gravity cast parts

Extensive experience in designing aluminum, cast iron and cast steel elements with pressure and gravity casting technologies allows us to offer a complete CAD design service for such parts and entire assemblies in Creo, Catia 5 and SolidWorks systems. By using simulation software such as HyperWorks / SolidThinking, we are able to provide topological optimization and simulation of the casting process of these elements so as to ensure the highest quality and most optimal designs.


In the early stages of today's modern design process, an engineer is required to incorporate numerical analysis and FEM. These stages are vital in design development. They not only ensure an optimal design with greatly improved reliability and functionality but also substantially reduce the final production costs as the final design is also optimized for manufacturing.​

To meet these requirements we have improved on and expanded the range of services in Simulation
We offer analysis and simulations of every aspect of the final product for example;​

  • Structural, motion and modal analysis.​
  • Topology, Topography and Gauge optimization.​
  • Simulation of Stamped-processed Sheet metal forms, material utilization and cost analysis.​
  • Casting Simulation such as Gravity Die, Gravity Sand, Investment, High Pressure, Low Pressure Die Casting and Tilt Pouring.​

Lightweight Design
and Design for 3D Printing

Our experience in 3D printing and in the use of simulation tools enable us to optimize customer's Standard Designs of topological, topographic and Lattice Structures to Lightweight Designs which are compatible with standard methods (casting, machining, stamping, etc.). Also with 3D Printing in materials like plastic, composite or metal these constructions are equal to or better than the Standard Designs in strength and with a significantly reduction in weight. They are adapted to the form of technology in which they are to be manufactured and, above all, provide a significant reduction in production costs, both in prototypes and in small series and mass production.​

3D Printing Services

We have also invested heavily in the latest 3D printing technologies allowing us to offer our customers 3D printing services for their designs in FDM / SLA / SLS / FFF/CFF technologies. Especially interesting is the option of priting in FFF / CFF composite 3D print technology. This allows us to produce complex functional elements such as jigs, tools, and fixtures of very high strength and accuracy, and we are able to fully replace aluminum elements when using composite materials such as Carbon Fiber, Fiberglass or Kevlar.​

3D Scanning
services & reverse
engineering services

Please be advised - 3D scanning & Reverse Engineering services are currently being deployed and are temporarily unavailable.​
We apologize for any delays or inconvenience. ​

IT Engineering

Our IT Engineering department is highly experienced and dedicated to ensuring that our system’s reliability and security is of the highest level. The extensive experience and skill in IT allow us to offer clients services in the field of Systems integration, Installing / configuring UNIX based systems, updating / upgrading distro's. Migration of systems and platforms. System / network security advisory / implementation. Rootcode analysis – and to resolve many various issues with the IT systems used.​ ​

About us

Our main goal is to continually strive to develop and expand our skills and services.​
In order to meet the expectations of our current and future customers, we have defined our goals for the future so that we build on our experience and technological advancements and continue to follow the developments and direction of the industry.​
Our goal is to continue investing in simulation and optimization systems and in the latest 3D scanning and 3D printing technologies.
Also recruiting new experienced staff for our team which will continue to enable us to offer customers a full range of engineering services at the highest level.​


Jaroslaw Kedzierski​
M.Sc., Eng / Mechanical engineer​
Owner / Manager​

Certifications and Tools​

- Quality management system ISO 9001: 2015
- Information security management system ISO / IEC 27001: 2013
We are currently working towards being awarded the following certificates,​
which we expect to have been awarded before October of this year (2019).​
- TISAX (based on ISO/IEC 27001)​

The following are a list of the tools we use;​
CAD – Creo, Catia, SolidWorks, NX, Inventor, AutoCAD​
CAE – HyperWorks / SolidThinking (Inspire Structures / Motion Analysis, Click2Form, Click2Cast, Click2Extrude, Evolve)​
3D Printer – Markforged / Mark Two (Composite FFF/CFF); HBOT / F300 (FDM); Formlabs / Form2 (SLA); Sinterit / Lisa 2 Pro (SLS)​

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